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Young Strings

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Celebrating 20 Years

Designed to increase the multicultural diversity of American orchestras, the Young Strings program discovers, develops and promotes the musical talent of outstanding African American and Latino string players in the city of Dallas, and provides them with the skills and resources necessary to pursue professional careers in music.

Founded in 1992 by Dallas Symphony Orchestra musicians and board members, Young Strings offers three levels of instruction and currently serves close to 200 students annually.

Beginning students attend general music classes and then progress to semi-private instrumental lessons with highly trained instructors. Advanced students are selected by audition to study privately with musicians from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, or teachers of an equally high caliber.

And all instruction is provided to students free of charge.

Young Strings participants also receive personal mentoring, performance opportunities, chamber music instruction, concert tickets and support for summer studies at prestigious camps and institutions. The program's instrument loan bank provides students with quality instruments if they cannot afford one.

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Auditions for the Finale Division of the Young Strings program are held once a year in January. These auditions are specifically for African American or Latino students in grades 6-10 that reside or go to school in the city of Dallas.

Click here to download an application. If you need further information about the program or the audition process, please call the Dallas Symphony's Young Strings Program Manager at 214.871.4083.


Many Young Strings alumni have gone on to make a positive difference in the world, both musically and otherwise. They are performing in orchestras, as soloists, and as chamber musicians. They are conducting school and youth orchestra programs, teaching, composing, and building and repairing instruments. They are also practicing law, engineering, and business. If you are a Young Strings alumni, we'd love to hear from you. Please call Carolyn Jabr at 214.871.4083 and tell us what you're up to.

The Friedlander Concerto and Ribelin String Solo Competitions

The Friedlander Concerto and Ribelin String Solo Competitions provide top Young Strings students with an opportunity to earn both public recognition for their talent and hard work, and some all-important scholarship funds that can be used to further their musical studies.  For more information, please call Carolyn Jabr at 214.871.4083.

How To Help

The program has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Texas Commission on the Arts, Dean Foods, the EDS Foundation the Sturgis Foundation and Fossil, as well as numerous other foundations and individuals. The Young Strings Endowment Fund has been generously supported by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. A community-based Advisory Council provides access to social and educational services for students needing further resources, and the program is the focus of the volunteer efforts of Dallas Symphony Orchestra League's Innovators.

The instrument loan bank receives support from the Hillcrest Foundation, Dallas Symphony Orchestra League, individual donors and instrument dealers.

If you'd like to help Young Strings, either through a donation of funds, time or instruments, please contact Carolyn Jabr, DSO Young Strings Manager at or 214.871.4083.


If you are a current Young Strings Finale student and need a copy of one of the important forms listed below, please click on the form you need or contact Carolyn Jabr at or 214.871.4083.

Annual Agreement
Instrument Loan Form
2014 Friedlander Concerto Competition Application
2014 Ribelin Scale & Etude Competition Application
2014 Ribelin String Solo Competition Application
2013-2014 Young Strings Calendar
2013-2014 Young Strings Audition Application